Learn to Kiteboard

IKO Certified Instructors
When you take your kiteboarding course from an IKO certified instructor, you know your lessons will be taught in accordance with international standards of safety and professionalism. At the end of your course, you will also be issued an IKO certification card that you can use to prove your riding level at any IKO kite center in the world.

Kiteboarding Saipan

Intro Course (1.5 hours) - $105/person
Our intro course is perfect if you just want to scratch the surface and see if kiteboarding is an activity you want to pursue. We know you will get addicted, but maybe you are not sure yet.  During the intro course you will learn the basics of kite control and awareness about your environment while controlling the kite. We will teach you all the basic flying skills and safety systems so you can fly the kite in a safe and fun way!

Learn to kiteboard

Basic Course (4.5 hrs.) - $315/person
The basic course is here to get you really into kiteboarding.  The course can be done in just one day. This course will get you from no experience with the kite to being able to control your kite safely and independently.  We complete the course with board recovery in deep water and self rescue emergency exercise.

Intensive Course (7.5 hrs) - $525/person
This course will guide you through all the exercises of kite control, up until your first water starts! All the exercises from the basic course are included here and we continue with the first board exercises that are necessary to get you up and riding!

Full Course (9 hrs.) - $630/person
The complete course! Here we take you from Zero to Hero! Our goal is to make you a complete independent kiteboarder with full control of the kite and board. This course will get you riding independently and safely in all directions so you are ready to go kiting without the supervision of an instructor. This is the recommended course for everybody who wants to learn kitesurfing.

Advanced / Refresher course (3 hrs.) - $210
Our advanced lessons are 3 hours. Here you will have your private instructor who will plan your training according to your needs. We can teach everything from riding upwind, turning, switch riding, jumping, and progressive tricks.

Please Note:
All of our courses break down to $70.00 USD per hour. There is no guarantee that the goals within each lesson will be reached by every student. The goals, however, are based on a typical students ability who is in good health and very comfortable in the water. We will advance a student through the lesson only as fast as he/she is capable of learning. Some students may not reach the goal and require further instruction to do so. Other persons may advance beyond the stated goal in a given lesson. Weather conditions are also a factor to be considered.