Local Rules

Micro Beach

Please help us maintain our good relationship with the community by observing a few basic rules when kiteboarding in Saipan.

  1. Make sure your launching and landing areas are clear of children, tourists, and local observers, or move to a more empty part of the beach. Untrained persons may not understand how much room you actually need to launch and land.
  2. Micro Beach sometimes has a lot of other beach users, so, consider launching far north of the playground (towards Smiling Cove) to avoid beachgoers. If you insist on launching near the playground, it may be necessary to speak with each family present so they understand you need some room to launch and land.
  3. If you are just working on staying upwind, then you should walk far north of the playground at Micro Beach/Memorial Park (towards Smiling Cove) to launch. This will give you a longer run downwind to practice, and you can come in before you blow down into the windsurfing area and/or the Hyatt.
  4. Only kite on Managaha Island after 4:00 pm and stay away from the roped off swimming area if anyone is there swimming. Managaha is the most populated beach on Saipan. The last tourist shuttle leaves Managaha Island around 4:00 pm, however. After that time, the island is largely uninhabited. It's the perfect place to kite when the wind is from the East.
  5. In general, windsurfers should stay south of Micro Beach and stay mostly between the Hyatt and Managaha Island. Kiteboarders stay north of the Hyatt and kite between Micro Beach and Managaha. This is an unspoken territorial limit, however, and windsurfers tend to come north, especially during the Japanese competitions. It may be necessary to politely explain to visiting windsurfers that they should stay south of Micro Beach so as not to encroach on the kiting area. In the end, there are no real boundaries, but everyone is happier if we stay in our own areas.
  6. If you accidentally put your kite into a tree at Micro Beach, know that the trees are federal property, and you can't simply break branches and limbs to retrieve your kite. If you can retrieve your kite without breaking any tree limbs, then go for it. Otherwise, seek the the permission of the park rangers before, for example, hiring a boom truck to retrieve your kite.